Multi-disciplinary support

Highly specialised, residential support

We offer specialised sites where residential care is combined with educational support to provide personalised care for children with very complex special needs.

Having a multi-disciplinary team of educators, health and care professionals and therapists on site ensures we are proactive in the way we care for each individual. Our highly personalised approach enables us to put together a detailed development plan to help young people make a successful transition into adult life.

Whilst some children from the local community do attend our schools on a daily basis, most of the children and young people who benefit from our integrated sites have such complex needs that they benefit most from the combination of education and residential provision.

The children and young people who stay with us enjoy the comfort of a home environment where they live with others of a similar age with similar needs. Our provision throughout the year gives them a consistent and stable environment where we see positive, incremental improvement over time.

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